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01.023.15    And may he. duly bring to me the six bound closely, through these drops,
01.053.09    With sixty thousand nine-and-ninety followers, who came in arms to fight with friendless Susravas.
01.116.04    To the sea's farther shore, the strand of ocean, in three cars, hundred-footed, with six horses.
01.126.03    Kine numbering sixty thousand followed after. Kaksivan gained them when the days were closing.
01.164.06    What was that ONE who in the Unborn's image hath stablished and fixed firm these worlds' six regions.
01.164.12    These others say that he, God with far-seeing eyes, is mounted on the lower seven-wheeled, six-spoked car.
01.164.14    Of the co-born they call the seventh single-born; the six twin pairs are called Rsis, Children of Gods.
01.164.48    Therein are set together spokes three hundred and sixty, which in nowise can be loosened.
02.013.10    The six directions hast thou fixed, a five-fold view: thy victories reached afar. Worthy of lauds art thou.
02.018.04    Indra, come hitherward with two Bay Coursers, come thou with four, with six when invocated.
02.018.05    Come thou with fifty well trained coursers, Indra, sixty or seventy, to drink the Soma.
03.055.18    Sixfold they bear him, or by fives are harnessed. Great is the Gods' supreme and sole dominion.
03.056.02    One, moving not away, supports six burthens: the Cows proceed to him the true, the Highest.
06.026.06    Thou, kindly giving Raji to Pithinas, slewest with might, at once, the sixty thousand.
06.047.03    This Sage hath measured out the six expanses from which no single creature is excluded.
07.018.14    The Anavas and Druhyus, seeking booty, have slept, the sixty hundred, yea, six thousand,
07.018.14    And six-and-sixty heroes. For the pious were all these mighty exploits done by Indra.
07.087.05    On him three heavens rest and are supported, and the three earths are there in sixfold order.
08.004.20    The herds of sixty thousand pure and spotless kine, have I, the Rsi, driven away.
08.046.22    Steeds sixty thousand and ten thousand kine, and twenty hundred camels I obtained;
08.046.29    So, as a prize dear to the strong, the sixty thousand have I gained,
08.047.16    As we collect the utmost debt, even the eighth and sixteenth part,
08.057.14    Six men, yea, two and two, made glad with Soma juice, come near to me
08.057.17    Indrota, Atithigva's son, gave me six horses matched with mares
08.085.08    Thrice-sixty Maruts, waxing strong, were with thee, like piles of beaming light, worthy of worship.
09.097.53    May the Foe-queller shake us down, for triumph, like a tree's ripe fruit, sixty thousand treasures.
10.014.16    Into the six Expanses flies the Great One in Trkadrukas.
10.099.06    Lord of the dwelling, he subdued the demon who roared aloud, six-eyed and triple-headed.
10.114.06    While they arrange the four and six-and-thirty, and duly order, up to twelve, the measures,
10.128.05    Ye six divine Expanses, grant us freedom: here, all ye Gods, acquit yourselves like heroes.

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