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01.050.09    Surya hath yoked the pure bright Seven, the daughters of the car; with these,
01.095.02    Tvastar's ten daughters, vigilant and youthful, produced this Infant borne to sundry quarters.
04.051.01    Now verily the far-refulgent Mornings, Daughters of Heaven, bring welfare to the people.
04.051.10    O Goddesses, O Heaven's refulgent Daughters, bestow upon us wealth with store of children.
04.051.11    Well-skilled in lore of sacrifice, ye Daughters of Heaven, refulgent Dawns, I thus address you.
05.041.07    I speed to you with powers that should be honoured, with songs distinguishing Heaven's mighty Daughters,
06.049.03    Unlike in form are the Red God's two Daughters: one is the Sun' s, and stars bedeck the other.
06.075.05    With many a son, father of many daughters, He clangs and clashes as he goes to battle.
08.002.42    And these twain pouring streams of milk, creative, daughters of delight,
08.031.07    With sons and daughters by their side they reach their full extent of life,
09.014.05    He by the daughters of the priest, like a fair youth, hath been adorned,
09.069.03    He flows about the sheep-skin, longing for a bride: he looses Aditi's Daughters for the worshipper.
10.070.06    Here in this shrine may Dawn and Night, the Daughters of Heaven, the skilful Goddesses, be seated.

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