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Results from Griffith:
09.013.01    To Indra' s, Viyu's special place.
09.015.01    Going to Indra's special place.
09.061.26        (ditto 9.15.1)
09.064.15    Purified for the feast of Gods, go thou to Indra's special place,
09.078.01    The fleece retains his solid parts as though impure, and bright and cleansed he seeks the special place of Gods.
09.086.07    Served with fair rites he flows, ensign of sacrifice: Soma advances to the special place of Gods.
09.086.16    Indu hath started for Indra's special place and slights not as a Friend the promise of his Friend.
09.086.32    He, guiding to the newest rules of Holy Law, comes as the Women's Consort to the special place.
09.101.16    Bellowing out, the Tawny Steer goes on to Indra's special place.
09.107.21    Thou flowest, Soma Pavamana, balmed with milk unto the special place of Gods.

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