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Results from Griffith:
09.008.03    Soma, as thou art purified, incite to bounty Indra's heart,
09.060.03    Finding his way to Indra's heart.
09.061.15    Yea, him who winneth Indra's heart.
09.066.07    Flow onward, Soma in a stream, effused to gladden Indra's heart,
09.070.09    Flow on for the God's banquet, Soma, as a Steer, and enter Indra's heart, the Soma's reservoir.
09.084.04    Indu with winds drives on the ocean of the air, he sinks within the jars, he rests in Indra's heart.
09.085.07    The filtering juices hasten to their eulogy, the drops that gladden find their way to Indra's heart.
09.086.19    Mixt with the streams he caused the beakers to resound, and with the singers' aid they entered Indra's heart.
09.108.16    Enter the Soma-holder, even Indra's heart, as rivers pass into the sea,

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