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01.009.01    COME, Indra, and delight thee with the juice at all the Soma feasts,
01.012.09    Whoso with sacred gift would fain call Agni to the feast of Gods,
01.013.02    Sweet to the taste, that they may feast.
01.030.13    With Indra splendid feasts be ours, rich in all strengthening things wherewith,
01.045.08    Singers with Soma pressed have made thee, Agni, hasten to the feast,
01.051.13    Thou, very wise, wast Mena, Vrsanaiva's child: those deeds of thine must all be told at Soma feasts.
01.102.01    In Indra, yea in him victorious through his strength, the Gods have joyed at feast and when the Soma flowed.
01.119.01    HITHER, that I may live, I call unto the feast your wondrous car, thought-swift, borne on by rapid steeds.
01.121.15    Maghavan, make us share the foeman's cattle: may we be thy most liberal feast companions.
01.134.01    Vayu, let fleet-foot coursers bring thee speedily to this our feast, to drink first of the juice we pour, to the first draught of Soma juice.
01.135.01    STREWN is the sacred grass; come Vayu, to our feast, with team of thousands, come, Lord of the harnessed team, with hundreds, Lord of harnessed steeds!
01.136.05    This Soma be most sweet to Mitra, Varuna: he in the drinking-feasts, shall have a share thereof, sharing, a God, among the Gods.
01.180.06    Swift as the wind let the prince please and feast you: he, like a pious man, gains strength for increase.
03.021.02    After thy wont vouchsafe to us the choicest boon that Gods may feast.
03.024.02    Lit with libation, Agni, thou, deathless, who callest Gods to feast,
03.035.05    Pass by them all and hasten onward hither: with Soma pressed we will prepare to feast thee.
03.043.03    For with my thoughts, presenting oil to feed thee, I call thee to the feast of sweet libations.
04.001.09    Lovely to look on, with red steeds, effulgent, like a feast rich in food, joyous for ever.
04.003.13    Go never to the feast of one who harms us, the treacherous neighbour or. unworthy kinsman.
04.021.01    MAY Indra come to us for our protection; here be the Hero, praised, our feast-companion.
04.023.02    What hero hath been made his feast-companion? Who hath been partner in his loving-kindness?
04.058.09    As maidens dock themselves with gay adornment to join the bridal feast, I now behold them.
05.001.11    Knowing the paths by mid-air's spacious region bring hither Gods to feast on our oblation.
05.020.04    For wealth, for Law. May we rejoice, Most Wise One! at the feast, with kine, rejoice, with heroes, at the feast.
05.026.02    Bring the Gods hither to the feast.
05.026.03    We have enkindled thee, O Sage, bright caller of the Gods to feast.
05.041.14    Celestial and terrestrial generations, and Waters will I summon to the feasting.
05.042.10    With wheelless chariots drive down him, O Maruts, who at the feasts of Gods regards the demons.
05.051.05    Vayu, come hither to the feast, wellpleased unto our sacred gifts:
05.070.04    Or ne' er may we, O Wondrous Strong, enjoy another's solemn feast,
06.004.04    Thou art a Singer, Son! our feast-companion: Agni at birth prepared his food and pathway.
06.016.07    To come unto the feast of Gods.
06.016.10    Come, Agni, lauded, to the feast; come to the offering of the gifts.
06.016.43    Come hither, bring the Gods to us to taste the sacrificial feast,
06.037.01    For thee, the Heavenly, e' en the poor invoketh: may we this day, thy feast-companions, prosper.
06.063.03    Juice in wide room hath been prepared to feast you: for you the grass is strewn, most soft to tread on.
07.016.04    Thee, thee Most Glorious One we make our messenger. Bring the Gods hither to the feast.
07.032.01    Even from far away come thou unto our feast, or listen if already here.
07.083.07    True was the boast of heroes sitting at the feast: so at their invocations Gods were on their side.
08.002.03    Indra, I call thee to our feast.
08.002.28    Rsi-like, mighty, fair of cheek, come hither quickly to the feast.
08.003.01    Be, for our weal, our Friend and sharer of the feast, and let thy wisdom guard us well.
08.004.08    On his left hip the Hero hath reclined himself: the proffered feast offends him not.
08.006.41    May thy Bay Steeds with beauteous backs, a hundred, bring thee to the feast,
08.013.27    Here, yoking for the Soma-draught these Horses, sharers of thy feast,
08.013.28    And all the Marut companies come tothe feast.
08.019.22    Thou unto sharp-toothed Agni, Young and Radiant God, proclaimest with thy song the feast-
08.032.29    Convey thee to the feast prepared.
08.043.19    Agni to share the sacred feast.
08.044.29    For thou art sharer of our feast, wise, ever watchful as a Sage:
08.049.04    Most Youthful and Eternal, bring the longing Gods to me, the guileless, for the feast.
08.054.06    We who have shed the Soma and prepared the feast are calling thee.
08.063.14    Shall bring me to the sacred feast, as flying steeds brought Tugra's son.
08.082.24    These two who share his feast, Bay Steeds with golden manes, shall bring him to
08.086.07    O Indra, turn us not away: be the companion of our feast.
08.089.06    All these thy deeds must be declared at Soma-feasts, wrought, Indra, Bounteous Lord, for him who sheds the juice,
08.094.10    As, Maghavan, to Kanva at the sacred feast, to Dirghanitha thine home-friend,
08.098.05    Be our boon benefactor, Vrtra-slayer, be our feast-companion for our weal.
08.098.06    High fame is theirs who win by invocations, feasts and entertainment of the Gods.
09.006.06    The steer-strong juice with milk pour forth, for feast and service of the Gods,
09.006.09    So pouring forth, as Indra's Friend, strong drink, best Gladdener! for the feast,
09.013.03    Hymned to become the feast of Gods.
09.023.06    For Indra, Soma! thou art cleansed, a feast-companion for the Gods:
09.046.01    LIKE able coursers they have been sent forth to be the feast of Gods,
09.054.04    Wealth from the kine to feast the Gods.
09.064.15    Purified for the feast of Gods, go thou to Indra's special place,
09.067.16    They were sent forth to feast the Gods, like chariots that display their strength.
09.089.07    Fighting, uninjured come where Gods are feasted; Soma, as Vitra-slayer flow for Indra.
09.097.02    Roll onward to the beakers as they cleanse thee, far-seeing at the feast of Gods, and watchful.
09.097.33    Pouring out streams at the Gods' feast with service, thou, Soma, lookest down, a heavenly Eagle.
09.097.49    To feast him, flow mid song and hymn, to Vayu, flow purified to Varuna and Mitra.
09.107.11    O Soma,-for the feast of Gods, river-like he hath swelled with surge,
10.035.14    Who fears no danger at your milk-libation,-such may we be to feast the Gods, ye Mighty.
10.053.03    Now hath he made the feast of Gods effective: now have we found the secret tongue of worship.
10.086.10    From olden time the matron goes to feast and general sacrifice.
10.096.12    That, pleased with sacrifice wherein ten fingers toil, thou mayest, at the feast, drink of our offered meath.

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